Father Christmas graffiti shock at Chichester’s County Hall

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Residents have been left stunned by an incredible piece of graffiti artwork of Father Christmas making a rude gesture with the letters ‘Bah Humbug’ next to it - painted on the entrance to County Hall in Chichester.

Many believe the artwork to be that of the infamous and anonymous artist Banksy, who has created topical and controversial graffiti art at random locations around the UK.

And to add to the humour a pile of coal was left below the artwork at West Street, which was believed to have been completed early this morning (Thursday, December 23).

However the joy of celebrating the comical feat in Chichester was short-lived as West Sussex County Council officials ordered the graffiti to be painted over immediately. And before 9am this morning it was all gone.

One passer-by said ‘the county council are so desperate to get rid of it, they’ve painted over it in the wrong colour’.

Alan Wilkins of Fishbourne, was lucky enough to observe the Father Christmas artwork.

He said: “I think it’s brilliant. For all the rubbish graffiti you get around town you go and get something like this. They are going to get rid of it straight away.

“Most people are looking at it and think it’s funny. Everyone has had their cameras out, taking pictures.”

Another admirer of the artwork said it had brightened up his morning.

The Father Christmas is coloured in black and red and sits on the white wall of the former county council information centre in West Street. It sits beneath a ‘county hall’ sign.

West Sussex County Council said: “We are not without a sense of humour at County Hall but at the end of the day graffiti is seen as criminal damage in the eyes of the law. Our policy is to remove unauthorised graffiti from public view as rapidly as possible.”

What do you think of the offending Father Christmas?

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