Fears over new buildings in Chichester Harbour

There are fears new buildings could sprout up across the Chichester Harbour area ‘without due regard to its quality or location’ after the government announced its new National Planning Policy Framework plans.

Chichester Harbour Conservancy has warned the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) is under threat.

The government’s intention is to move away from the current plan-led system to one that gives priority to economic growth.

The conservancy is concerned this will allow developments to go ahead without due regard to its quality or location. At present, the conservancy is consulted on all planning applications within and near to the AONB and are able to comment and advise so developments have a minimal impact on the protected landscape.

Director Siun Cranny said: “These new plans could fundamentally affect the AONB and the wider landscape. As one of the smallest AONBs, Chichester Harbour is particularly vulnerable as it lies so near to the main towns of Chichester and Havant.

“Development within or close to its boundaries would threaten the landscape quality and the quality of life for the local communities.

“We urge everyone to be aware of the government’s proposals. On our website you will find our position statement with five key areas we wish the government to consider when developing the proposed NPPF. We are not against new developments but want to ensure the right developments happen in the right places to the benefit of our communities now and in the future.”

The Chichester Harbour Conservancy is the statutory authority for Chichester harbour with a legal duty to manage it and the surrounding land for the purposes of recreation and leisure, conservation and landscape protection.

It has a wide range of powers to control navigation, moorings, works and dredging, as well as to maintain and improve the wildlife and landscape.

For more information about the conservancy log on to the website www.conservancy.co.uk