Festival of Speed: Martin Brundle and Bonhams Auction

FESTIVAL of Speed is well underway today (Friday, July 12), with Goodwood swarming with motoring enthusiasts, the track alive with action and the dramatic aerobatics in the skies from the Red Arrow display team.

Formula 1 cars have been on the track for the first time at the festival, with the roars of the machines echoing around the grandstands.

The Bonhams auction at Festival of Speed 2013

The Bonhams auction at Festival of Speed 2013

A memorable display from the Red Arrows also bought the crowd’s attention to the skies. Right on time the arrows displayed formation flying, and could been seen from Chichester city centre.

Martin Brundle, former Grand Prix driver, Le Mans winner and the voice of F1 on sky took to the track in a Jaguar SJX TWR.

“You get back in to these cars and then all the little things about them come back to you,” he told Goodwood commentators.

“You need some back to turn this machine when it isn’t going very fast.”

Kevin Schwantz also took to the track, riding his 1993 500cc championship winning Suzuki RGV 500.

The Bonhams automobilia auction was also in full swing, with the car auction expected this afternoon.

“We aren’t looking to buy anything really – we’ll leave that to other people but we just enjoying looking,” said Mark Higgins, from who travelled to Goodwood from Surrey this morning.

Visitors were also treated to an exhilarating display at the GAS arena, with motocross and BMX riders wowing the crowds.

Famous faces spotted in the crowds today include Chris Hoy, and a whole host of Formula 1 stars.