Finley fundraising sees Creations tackle Trundle

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A TEAM of hairdressers tackled the Trundle on Sunday to raise money for a five-year-old with cerebral palsy.

Claire Panton works at Creations Hair and Beauty in South Street, Chichester, and last weekend a team of staff, customers and friends set off on a 17-mile walk to raise money for her son Finley.

“I’m so proud of them all and want to give a massive thank you to them all,” said Claire.

The team left Creations around 8.30am and headed up Centurion Way, marching towards Goodwood and the Trundle, before returning to Creations around 4pm.

“Everybody completed it,” said Claire, adding: “It was really good – they were a great team.”

Everyone came together to raise money for equipment to help out Finley, who lives with his family in Chichester Road, Selsey.

Since January, 2013, the team at Creations has raised more than £26,000 
for the charity CoCo’s Foundation, which has helped build homes and support orphans in South Africa.

However, the salon is now raising money to help Finley, with donations being collected at the salon and a number of fundraising activities planned, such as Sunday’s walk.

It is estimated around £1,000 was raised by the walk, with entrants paying £10 each and then collecting sponsorship.

“I’m obviously really shocked that they’ve got that much,” said Claire.

Some of the money has already been used to buy a P-Pod for Finley – a specialised chair which will help him relax and support him at home.

“He loves it,” said Claire, adding the 
aim was to buy lots of small pieces of sensory equipment for Finley to help improve his condition.

Last week he had an operation, however he is now doing fine and enjoying his new P-Pod, which is able to provide him with ‘comfortable support’, according to Claire.

The walk was organised by Gary Ashcroft, from Creations, who first had the idea around two months ago. He was helped by walker Christian Gaze. Around 15 people took part.

“What’s been nice is that the group that have done it – some of them were strangers. Now they’re all Facebook chums,” said Claire. To donate to Finley, visit Creations, in Southgate.