Fire explosion at furniture factory in Southbourne

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A SOUTHBOURNE mum has described the devastating moment a fire exploded from a furniture factory behind her home.

Firefighters from Havant, Emsworth, Chichester and Bognor rushed to Morgan Contract Furniture at Clovelly Road at 1.13pm today (Wednesday, April 11). A silo carrying an unknown quantity of sawdust had caught fire.

Childminder Gail Hart said: “My main concern was to get the children out. When the fire first exploded flames were coming about 30ft outwards. The children came running in, screaming.

“It felt like a train had just gone through the back of the house. My neighbour who was in his bathroom next door could feel the heat from the fire from where he was.

“The amount of water that has been put on it is amazing and it is still smoking.”

Firefighters had to use a raised platform to pour water on to the flames. No one was said to have been injured in the fire at the time of going to press.