Fishbourne fights to keep its identity

A meeting at the Fishbourne Centre SUS-141203-162342001
A meeting at the Fishbourne Centre SUS-141203-162342001

CONCERNED residents filled the Fishbourne Centre to debate a housing development.

Although plans have not yet been submitted to Chichester District Council for development, Fishbourne parishioners are worried plans to build on Bethwines Farm are brewing.

“It was an excellent meeting,” said Geoff Hand, chairman of Fishbourne Parish Council.

“Over 300 so far on our email list of supporters and more than 100 have already signed the petition. Never known such enthusiastic and grateful support – especially at such an early stage.”

Mr Hand explained to the developers that Fisbourne’s separate identity was important to the village.

“Roads within the village are already inadequate, especially as the village includes a rat-run along inappropriate country lanes used by traffic avoiding the delays and dangers of Fishbourne roundabout,” he said. Residents have expressed worry that up to 70 homes would be built on ‘good quality, productive arable land’ when ‘sustainable’ land was available.

Farmer Edwin Scarterfield raised the increased risk of flooding as a concern if plans went ahead.