Fishbourne task groups to tackle Emperor Way

A FISHBOURNE Parish Council meeting was met with enthusiasm to discuss developments of the ongoing Emperor Way cycle path crisis.

The extraordinary meeting was well attended by Fishbourne residents and those from further afield to discuss proposals to feedback to Sussex Archaeological Society Trustees.

This follows July’s public meeting, where Trustees raised concerns that the paths current position prevents future investment, site development and is contributing to anti-social behaviour.

Trustees say the path cannot stay in its present position and are inviting new proposals.

“I thought we were really positive and can now focus on working towards a good solution. We can now work together with the Roman Palace and the trustees to bring about a successful conclusion that will be in the interests of the Roman Palace and keep the Emperor Way path open,” said Geoff Hand, chairman of Fishbourne Parish Council.

Potential proposals discussed included the possibility of having an entrance to the path off the A259, which is thought would also increase visitor numbers to Fishbourne Roman Palace.

The use of the paddock for car parking and developing new attractions on the current car park was also discussed.

Small task groups will now be created and will meet by September to prioritise suggestions and feedback to officers at The Sussex Archaeolgical Trust.