Fishbourne village survey results revealed

THE top ten priorities for Fishbourne residents have been revealed.

An independent analysis of the 232 responses to the village survey showed the highest priority objective for residents was creating a flood risk policy as part of Operation Watershed.

A total of 228 – 98 per cent – agreed it should be a priority.

The neighbourhood plan steering group, which organised the survey, said it was ‘delighted’ with the response.

“We have been really impressed by the time some people have put into filling in the survey and with the many creative ideas that have sometimes emerged from long family discussions,” said parish council chairman Geoff Hand.

“We are very, very grateful.”

The other top ten objectives were:

Protecting designated areas when considering new developments

Protecting the separate identity of Fishbourne as a village

Keeping Emperor Way open

Monitoring footpaths and taking action to move overhanging branches and obscured signs

Exploring ways of involving people in the decision-making process

Protecting agricultural land from development

New housing being built on small sites and not on green spaces

Supporting local residents’ groups

Continuing the Village Voice, as well as developing a social media network.

There were 34 other objectives, all but three of which got more than 50 per cent support.

The steering group’s five task groups are now working the responses into the 12 projects that will make up the neighbourhood plan. A further public consultation will take place in December.