Flight of Ikarus lands at Goodwood


A MICROLIGHT has landed after completing a round trip from Goodwood to South Africa.

Richard Bird and Richard Foster have flown for more than 200 hours in a C42 Microlight, with the aim of breaking a world record.

The team, who called their trip the Flight of Ikarus, flew over 22 countries and completed more than 12,500 miles - completely unsupported.

“It was amazing,” said pilot Richard Foster. “We would like to say thank you to our sponsors. None of this would be possible without them.”

Their route took them from Goodwood, across the channel to France then on to Italy, Croatia, Greece and Crete – and over the Mediterranean Sea to Africa where they flew over the Sahara Desert.

Richard, who lives in Bognor Regis, is chief flying instructor at Goodwood-based South Coast Microlights. He gave up a career in the fire service in the hope of getting paid to fly, and now spends his days teaching flying fanatics the art of microlighting.

He said the journey was fraught with challenges.

“The main challenge was our fuel and range,” he said. “That was my biggest concern when we started.”

The duo met African tribes, were nearly shot down over a military base and flew through a sandstorm.

For the full story and details of the trip, see next week’s Observer (May 22).