Flowers stolen from Chichester Crematorium

When Sue Dobbs laid flowers to say her final goodbye to her mother she did not feel the need to capture the moment on camera.

But when she returned to Chichester Crematorium the following day to take a snap of the flowers, worth around £400, she discovered they had all been stolen.

Mrs Dobbs said she could not believe anyone would be ‘sick’ enough to steal the flowers.

She said: “The sad thing is we didn’t take any photographs.

“You don’t think someone would come along and do something like this.

Mrs Dobbs, of Chichester Marina, said the family was informed by the Southern Co-operative, which manages the crematorium, that flowers needed to be collected within three days of the service.

Mrs Dobbs praised the Southern Co-operative for its help and said staff were ‘absolutely marvellous’.

She feels people should know what happened, so the same does not happen to them.

Graham Lymn, head of operations at Co-operative Funeralcare (part of the Southern Co-operative), said: “Naturally the Co-operative Funeralcare regret that when the family returned to collect the floral tributes from the crematorium they were no longer there.

“It is our understanding that the crematorium authorities allow flowers to remain for two to three days after the funeral service for families to return to see them again.

“For some reason these tributes were removed overnight – although it is not known by whom.

“In the future the Co-operative Funeralcare will be advising families who wish to see flowers after the funeral service to do so the same day or take them back with them.

“Alternatively we will, of course, arrange to do this for them to avoid future distress.”