Fly-tipping blights West Stoke

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A mother-of-three has slammed thoughtless litterbugs who have been ruining a local beauty spot.

Rachel Murfin, who works as a childminder, took this photo at Woodend, West Stoke, after a pile of rubbish was fly-tipped there.

And she says the dirty issue is becoming increasingly worrying for residents.

“On a weekly basis it seems there is rubbish being dumped at the roadside,” she said. “Not only is it unsightly, but it is dangerous to cyclists, walkers and animals as there are sometimes broken glass and nails.”

After this picture was taken in September, the district council cleared up the mess but according to Ms Murfin, it is still blighting the countryside.

“It seems to me a continuing problem happening in the local area,” she said.

“I like to take the children for walks in the surrounding area and sometimes walk or cycle the children to school at Funtington Primary.

“My oldest child asks me, ‘mummy, why don’t they put their rubbish in the bin?’

“I set my children an example by bring our rubbish home when we are out or using a public bin. This is an area of outstanding beauty and I feel it is being neglected.”

But Jim Sewell, chairman of Funtington Parish Council, said the dumping of rubbish wasn’t affecting the village or its residents to any great extent.

“It hasn’t been a problem, really,” he said. “We did have a prosecution some while ago and maybe that has deterred people.

“If we spot something then Chichester District Council come and take it away immediately.

“And since we joined the South Downs National Park as well as being an Area of Outstanding National Beauty, it is important we do maintain the area so we have been keeping an eye on the footpaths and so on.

“The only place where there is a problem with rubbish is where vehicles park up overnight. But if people report it to the parish clerk, we can get it sorted out straight away.”

It is estimated fly-tipping costs landowners and the taxpayer in the UK around £100m every year.

It can cause serious pollution to watercourses and the environment in general and may harm wildlife and farm animals.

If you spot someone fly-tipping or you come across waste which has been dumped, you should contact Chichester District Council’s environmental health team on 01243 534598 or email