Food for thought at Chichester’s Wagamama


STUDENTS from St Richard’s Primary School discovered the delight of Japanese food at a visit to Wagamama.

The Year 3 pupils were invited to the Chichester restaurant on Thursday to learn more about different kinds of food and how to prepare it.



Having a chance to try bamboo and fish dish chikuwa, among other exotic treats, the children weighed and prepared noodles and vegetables, and even learnt how to take orders.

At the end of the trip, the students got to enjoy the fruits of their efforts, and each had a Japanese lunch at the restaurant with food they had prepared.

Donning their very own chef hats and aprons, the children got a real taste of what it’s like to work at a restaurant.

There was a lot of excitement when the 
chefs put on a display when they cooked the students’ lunch in typical flame-throwing style.

At the end of the day, one student was 
so thrilled with the 
trip, he said: “I want to come to Wagamama 100 more times!”

Year 3 teacher Karen Courquin, said: “It is an amazing experience.

“It has been a wonderful opportunity for children to experience real-life situations, seeing what work is like here front and back of house.

“They have been learning about the foods and they have all been fantastic in trying exotic new foods.

“They have been weighing foods, doing maths, food and design technology. There is so much living curriculum in what they have been doing today, which is wonderful.

“The staff have been really welcoming. All the students and parents have loved the day. Nearly every child has tried pretty much everything.”

The restaurant is hoping to run more open days for schools in the area to learn about food and how Wagamamas operates .

The sessions fit in nicely with the change of school national curriculum next year – which is very focused on food and nutrition.