Former Chichester pupil was ‘scapegoat’ on BBC’s The Apprentice

Sarah Dale (right) on The Apprentice
Sarah Dale (right) on The Apprentice

APPRENTICE star Sarah Dale says she was made a scapegoat on the hit show because of her now infamous lipstick and short skirt comment.

And the former Chichester High School for Girls pupil, who also lived in Bognor, again insisted Sir Alan Sugar would not be a suitable business partner for her.

Sarah was part of a shock triple firing on last Wednesday’s BBC 1 programme, with Lord Sugar telling her: “Why they always make you the timekeeper is because people don’t have much confidence in you, and if people don’t have much confidence in you, I’m wondering why I should have confidence in you as a business partner. Sarah, you’re fired.”

Sarah became the seventh candidate to leave the process on week four of the competition, and after Steven before her, Ella Jade then quickly followed as Lord Sugar’s ominous finger was waved her way.

“It was a real shock, especially after seeing Steven go, I thought we would be safe,” Sarah said.

Sarah took on the poisoned chalice of becoming project manager in week one, and during the task, which she won, she advised her all-female team to ‘wear loads of lipstick, makeup, heels’ and ‘short skirts’ in order to win.

“It was taken out of context and taken far too seriously,” Sarah explained. “It was girls against boys and I just wanted us to use a bit of girl power by using our best features to beat them.

“But it was a comment that kept getting used against me and I do think some of the girls made me a scapegoat and that was one of the reasons I did not last as long as I could have done.”

Including her success in the first task as PM, Sarah was on the winning team for the first three weeks, before getting axed in the first week she was on the losing team.

Sarah says her overall experience was positive and has helped her launch a new online dating agency, Harley Introductions with a business partner, which went live only last week.

Harley Introductions is an online dating service which Sarah says provides something unique. People who sign up are verified, to ensure they are who they say they are, and the website also allows people to have a three-minute online ‘pre-date’.

Finally, people can give their date a rating afterwards of between one and ten to say how accurate their real selves are to their online selves.

Sarah made an explosive exit from the show when she said: “I obviously wasn’t the right business partner for Lord Sugar but to be honest he wasn’t the right business partner for me.”

And reiterating those words, she said: “After meeting Lord Sugar and seeing how he approaches business, I don’t think we would have worked well together.”