Frustration over drivers’ actions in Chichester’s Avenue de Chartres

Motorists using Hotham Way in Bognor Regis where the two lanes merger into one SUS-141121-135947001
Motorists using Hotham Way in Bognor Regis where the two lanes merger into one SUS-141121-135947001

DRIVER Karen Thorn has called for other motorists in Bognor Regis and Chichester to know the rules of the road.

Mrs Thorn said she was fed up with the reactions of those at their steering wheels who reacted with anger when two lanes became one along two of the area’s main roads.

The flashpoints occur along the eastbound A259 Hotham Way in Bognor just beyond the flyover as well as the Avenue de Chartres in Chichester.

“It’s the lack of knowledge of the road-users which annoys me,” said Mrs Thorn.

“The two lanes merge into one at both locations.

“The markings clearly indicate that, yet the other motorists insist like all English people, of queuing one behind the other in the inside lane.

“They are scared of coming across as rude and pushing in.

“But that is what is supposed to happen on those roads. You are not pushing in if you do it.”

Mrs Thorn, 50, of Arundel Park, said: “Three times a week my husband – Paul, 51 – has to drive to Bognor.

“Every time, someone decides he is ‘not going to jump the queue’ along Hotham Way.

“He is ‘not jumping the queue’. The road quite clearly shows a 20ft bending arrow indicating merging traffic.

“I do not believe for one minute that the righthand lane is purely for traffic wishing to cross the carriageway at the opening.”

The situation was repeated on the Avenue de Chartres, said Mrs Thorn.

“Drivers come off the roundabout past Westgate or the station and immediately begin to queue.

“But this road has the big merging arrow on it, too. 
I quite regularly have someone block the outside lane because they believe I’m ‘jumping the queue’.”

Mrs Thorn said drivers should use both lanes and merge, one from each alternate lane, when the roads narrowed.

Mrs Thorn said her stance was backed by West Sussex County Council’s highways department.

Assistant highway manager Ben Whiffin has told her in an email drivers were entitled to carry out the manoeuvre as it sought to make best full use of the available carriageway.

“The Hotham Park site has been brought to our attention previously and subsequent investigations have been carried out into what, if any, actions can be taken to try and resolve the issue.

“Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do from a lining or signing point of view as the location is correct in that respect. It is, therefore, purely a driver attitude issue,” he wrote.