Further appeal after St Richard’s Hospital watch theft

David Davies
David Davies

IT IS NOW more than a fortnight since a dying grandfather’s watch was stolen at St Richard’s Hospital, in Chichester.

Following the initial appeal, David Davies’ daughter-in-law has again pleaded for anyone who can help to come forward:

Following the initial appeal, David Davies’ daughter-in-law has again pleaded for anyone who can help to come forward.

David Davies was admitted to St Richard’s Hospital, in Chichester, on August 7 with a serious heart condition and his Rolex, worth £5,000, went missing as doctors tried to resuscitate him.

The daughter-in-law of the 68-year-old grandfather, 
from Birdham, has pleaded for information.

Laura Davies said: “We beg them, whoever has it or knows who has it, we are not on a witch hunt, we just want to lay Dave to rest.

“It has always been spoken about how he never takes off the watch. He joked once he was going to have the watch welded to his wrist and now we wish he had.

“I have photos of the first time he held my daughter and he was wearing the watch.”

The family say they have seen CCTV footage of Mr Davies wearing the watch as he entered hospital at 5.30am.

“My mother-in-law was with him and when they went in to resus at six in the morning, the watch was still there, she looked at the time because she had to phone her sons,” said Mrs Davies.

“She was asked to leave the room as Dave was having respiratory issues. There were no family members in the room when the watch went missing, when they returned, about 7.15am, the watch was gone.

“But at that point they didn’t say anything because the people around Dave were trying to save his life. They just thought it might have been taken off to attach a cannula or what have you.”

The alarm was raised when Mr Davies’ belongings were returned and the watch was not among them.

A search has been carried out and checks undertaken on staff who were on duty, yet it has not been found.

Mr Davies’ son Jon said: “As a family we are devastated at the loss of our dad and cannot believe that this has happened during our time of grief.

“Dad dearly loved the watch and its loss has added to the stress and grief the family are already going through.”

Mrs Davies said: “It was ever so sudden, Dave wasn’t poorly before, so we are dealing with the shock of that and the shock of this.

“My family are finding it hard to grieve, it is putting so much pressure on them.

“We’ve had no contact from the hospital as yet that it was not taken off. I think there are ongoing interviews.

“The police have been fantastic, they have kept us up to date on everything.”