Further broken promises for Bracklesham


FURTHER broken agreements have come to light after a report that residents still have not received promised traffic-calming measures.

Last week The Chichester Observer reported that residents in Farm Road, Bracklesham, were enraged by the lack of promised traffic-calming measures which should have been provided through a 
Section 106 agreement with developers of nearby homes.

This week further broken promises have come to light regarding the development of 50 homes north-east of Beech Avenue, Bracklesham.

Bill Buckland, of Elm Close, said a condition was inserted on the planning consent which required construction traffic to enter the site via Elm Close and leave through Beech Avenue, but he said that had never happened.

“We’ve got lorries trying to get in here and out at the same time . It’s been absolute chaos. All the roads have been ripped up.”

He said another promise was that the whole site had to be finished before any occupation, but there are already at least four people living there.

What’s more, a planning application has just been made by Miller to delay its construction of a pedestrian footpath and recreational area until the 45th home is occupied.

A planning condition is enforced by Chichester District Council.

A county council spokesman said: “We were consulted on the plan 
and agreed a route in 
via Elm Close and out via Beech Avenue.

“This has not been adhered to as the developer was having difficulty 
exiting through Beech Avenue due to the presence of parked vehicles coupled with an overhanging, overgrown tree.

“We recommended they submit an application for a temporary traffic regulation order to restrict parking during the period of construction and reported the tree to local officers for maintenance to take place.

“The developer continued to route via Elm Close and therefore are not considered to be in compliance with the planning condition, and CDC Enforcement have been made aware to consider whether enforcement action is required. There is on-going dialogue between Miller and WSCC regarding what can be done next.”

A district council spokeswoman said the traffic routing was interrupted due to a height restriction barrier in Beech Avenue but the developer has now said traffic has been re-routed.

She said the council was also aware of the breach of a condition regarding the occupation of properties until the provision of an equipped play space and footpath links to the Bracklesham Barn site.

However, she said the developer had made an application to vary this condition which is pending consideration so it ‘is not considered expedient to commence formal enforcement proceedings’.