Further heartbreak as cruel prankster pretends to have found missing dog Brando

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THE HUNT for a missing dog which vanished in Chichester last week has been hindered by crank calls.

Searchers looking for Brando, a beagle-cross which went missing on Wednesday, May 2, have been devastated by calls from someone pretending to have found the dog and then posing as a police officer.

“It was heartbreaking to be sitting by the phone waiting for news of Brando, and then to get these malicious calls from a coward who blocked his own number,” said Julia Macpherson, who had been fostering Brando at the time of his disappearance.

“But everyone else has been wonderfully supportive, and that support has restored my faith in human nature. I’ve had offers of help in the search for Brando from taxi firms, driving instructors, schools, scout groups, churches, sailing schools and dog walkers.

“There are so many kind people in Chichester, and I’m really grateful for everyone who is keeping an eye out for this poor dog.”

Brando was a stray dog in Greece, brought to England by the charity Greek Animal Rescue, and placed in foster care in Chichester while a permanent home was sought. Last Wednesday, following a walk in Chichester, he suddenly bolted as Julia and her husband were approaching their garden gate: despite having a flexi-lead still attached, he was able to outrun them. There were two reported sightings of Brando that night, to the south of Chichester near the A27, and in Fishbourne, but he has not been seen since.

Brando may have chewed off the flexi-lead, and people have been advised not to approach him if spotted because it is likely he will run off again. If anyone does see him, please call 07788 454292.