Gay’s mission is to help you feel great

Gay Richardson
Gay Richardson

WANT to feel more confident about your appearance?

We could all do with a helping hand from time to time, whether it’s dressing right for your body shape, working out which colours suit you best or just making the most of your wardrobe.

Luckily Gay Richardson is a woman on a mission to help women feel great about the way they look.

“Clothes have the power to transform how you feel about yourself,” says Gay, a personal stylist who is the owner and founder of Style Me Confident.

“My mission in life is to reach as many women of the world to make them feel more confident in their body and in their clothes.”

Originally from Manchester, Gay moved to Brighton in 1983 and since then has ‘made her way down the coast’ to West Worthing, where her style studio is based.

She set up her business in May 2006 and since then it has grown as her reputation amongst the local community has flourished.

“I have always loved clothes and how they make you feel. One of my earliest memories was of a dress that my dad brought me which had little appliquéd vegetables on the skirt,” she said.

Gay decided to turn her passion into a business after watching popular stylists Trinny and Susannah on the television: “I admired how they took people who felt bad and then made them feel more confident.”

But she doesn’t just focus her styling talents on women; she styles fashion-anxious men as well. “Most of the time it’s women because they are most interested. I prefer styling women – picking out accessories to go with outfits is a lot more fun and interesting!”


Gay runs monthly ‘How to...’ workshops in Chichester and Worthing which have been a big hit with her clients. During these workshops, which are often focused upon specific style worries, she addresses women directly and teaches them how to become more confident by refining their individual fashion and styling techniques.

“Clients love them! I give them lots of ideas for mixing and matching what they’ve got in their wardrobes,” she says. “I talk for about an hour and make them fun and informative.”

Gay also offers several different styling options for clients who want a more personal approach to their fashion anxieties.

Understanding your body shape and colours takes place in her studio in Worthing, aiming to help clients find out more about what styles of clothes suit their body shape as well as which colours are most flattering.

“I help women to accept their body shape and learn how to dress it,” says Gay.

She also offers styling options that include a wardrobe workout’, in which Gay sorts through clients’ own wardrobes and teaches them how to make the most out of their existing clothes, and personal shopping trips, in which she joins clients in local towns and cities to hit the shops.

Given the current economic climate, some may question whether personal styling is affordable, but Gay disagrees. “Absolutely! I give people various price options and I do try to keep my prices very reasonable.

Everybody has the ability to look and feel fabulous in their clothes. You don’t have to spent a lot of money to look good.

“Be brave and come along to one of the ‘How to...’ workshops or invest in some style advice with me. I will make a different to your shopping habits and will make you feel more confident and happy!”

Gay’s next workshop takes place in Chichester on Wednesday, May 29, at the Ship Hotel, 57 North Street, and will be focused upon choosing dresses for ‘day, desk, dates, dancing and dinner’.

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