GCSE RESULTS: Chichester High School for Girls

Chichester High School for Girls is celebrating GCSE success with a record breaking 76 per cent A*-C of all grades achieved and maintained 73 per cent of students achieving at least 5 or more A*-C.

Nearly a quarter of all grades achieved were A*-A and 49 per cent A*-B. 53 per cent of students achieved 5 or more A*-C including english and maths.

Seven students attained a clean sweep of up to 12 A* and A grades.

Fiona Oliver-Watkins, headteacher, said: “There are some excellent individual performances and our students are delighted with their success. We congratulate not only those who obtained the highest grades, but everyone who achieved GCSE success, especially if it was their personal best.

“We are proud of what Year 11 students have achieved and very grateful for the hard work of staff and the support of parents. We are also very pleased that so many subjects have improved upon their success rate from last year. The ability profile of each cohort varies year on year and there have also been some surprises, as reported in the national press today. We are currently in discussion with the relevant examination boards.

“Nevertheless, there is a great deal to celebrate with these results. They enable another cohort of accomplished, confident and well qualified young women to move on to the next phase of their learning.”

Many of the students are expected to continue their education at Chichester High School Sixth Form.

Hannah Adams, who received 9 A*s and 3 As, said “I really am ecstatic about my results, and now I’m really excited about starting 6th form and now I’m feeling more confident about my A levels.”

Heather Curtis was also among the high flyers, achieving 11 A*, an A and a B. She said, “I’m speechless, it is everything I could’ve hoped for and I’m glad my hard work paid off.”

Jodi Elliot received 9 A*-C, and was especially pleased with her A* in media studies. Jodi said, “I really wasn’t expecting an A* at all but I’m so pleased, now I can go onto study creative media at Northbrook.”