GENERAL ELECTION 2015: Tyrie’s take on Miliband and Cameron

Chichester general election hustings 2015
Chichester general election hustings 2015

CHICHESTER MP candidate Andrew Tyrie believes Ed Miliband to be an ‘honourable man’ and that David Cameron is ‘a leader’.

By the weekend, the UK should know the identity of the man who is likely to lead the country forward to 2020.

As an elected politician of some 18 years – with the possibility of extending this if he is re-elected today (May 7) – Andrew Tyrie gave his take on Ed Miliband and David Cameron at the Chichester hustings yesterday (May 6).

Obviously he supports his party leader, but admits he is not perfect.

As chairman of the treasury committee and the parliamentary commission on banking standards, Mr Tyrie has been labelled by some to be one of the most powerful politicians outside the cabinet between 2010 and 2015, bringing him into regular contact with the prime minister and leader of the opposition in this time.

On Ed Miliband

Ed I know perfectly well. Ed is an honourable man. But he does appear to want to drift back to the same mistakes that Labour got themselves into and then the country into all over again by spending money we haven’t got.”

On David Cameron

I don’t always agree with David Cameron, I’ve said so publicly on a good number of occasions on various issues. But he is a leader and we need a leader because this crisis which has abated is not yet solved. We’re going to have to work hard to stabilise the economy first. We’re still running a deficit of five-and-a-half per cent of GDP.

“The money doesn’t come from no where, we can’t borrow our way into a better future. We need to work out who is best placed to take that point forward and then help them deliver it over the next five years for the benefit of the prosperity of not only us but of our communities and of our children.

Polls closed at 10pm to vote in the 2015 general election.

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