GENERAL ELECTION 2015: What would make Chichester MP proud?

Chichester general election hustings 2015
Chichester general election hustings 2015

MP CANDIDATES had to think on their feet as they were hit with a snap question at the end of a two-hour debate.

After lengthy discussions on fracking, affordable housing, the NHS, education and much more at a hustings last night (May 6), candidates were asked to say in under a minute what they would be most proud to achieve as an MP by 2020.

Here are their responses:

Andrew Emerson (Patria)

“I feel that ending immigration obviously has to be the number-one priority. It’s at the route of all our economic problems.

“Don’t let the professional politicians and the economists blind you with science. Immigration is unsustainable. It has to be stopped.”

Mark Farwell (Labour)

“Five years hence I would want to think that we were a fairer society, a freer society, a more compassionate society. But above all I think it’s about time we reacquainted ourselves again with what it is to be British.”

Andrew Moncreiff (UKIP)

“I think the most important local issue is as Andrew Tyrie said protecting St Richard’s Hospital. Not just the A&E but the hospital itself. It’s under enormous pressure at the moment.

“I will also give you two national ones. Firstly I would like hopefully to get our finances back under control. I don’t think any of the main other parties are going to do it and secondly I would hope that at the end of five years we would have regained our sovereignty as an independent nation.”

Jasper Richmond (Green)

“I want to be remembered as the man who is of the party that spoke truth to power.”

Andrew Smith (Liberal Democrat)

“I think if I was elected that would mean there was a political revolution about to occur so there would be all sorts of possibilities so it has to be changing the form of the electoral system.

Andrew Tyrie (Conservative)

“If it’s only one then it’s the same one I’ve been prattling away on for the greater part of the 18 years I’ve been MP. I want to keep major trauma accident and emergency at St Richard’s for another five years in good nick.”