Get ready for Glorious Goodwood

Leigh Johnson
Leigh Johnson

IT’S TIME for Glorious Goodwood – and if you want to know how to look great at the races, then who better to ask than Leigh Johnson?

The mum-of-one, who runs her own bespoke hat-making business, Laylaleigh, was crowned the best dressed at Epsom’s Ladies Day earlier this year.

Not only did she top the stylish stakes for her bright orange Roland Mouret dress, complete with an orange-feathered hat created by herself, Leigh, 40, also took home a £5,000 prize.

“I love wearing bright colours, and it’s what I go for,’ she said, adding that the win had given a massive boost for her firm: “Business has really taken off which is amazing.”

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- To show off your fabulous headwear always wear your hair tied back off your face; the hair and the hat shouldn’t be in competition with each other! Choose a loose bun or neat ponytail. Shorter hairstyles should be scraped back off your face.

- If you’ve got new shoes, wear them in for a hour or so a day a couple of weeks prior. A little moisturiser on your feet will help the leather to soften; there is nothing worse than sore feet. If your feet hurt, don’t take your shoes off – you’ll never get them back on again and it’s just not nice at all!

- Be comfortable and confident in your outfit, you’ll wear it better with a smile.

- Check the weather: Goodwood is notoriously windy and floaty dresses are bad news if there’s a breeze.

- Hats should always be worn tilted to the right hand side of the head slightly forward on the face.

- Have a second outfit planned just in case the weather isn’t favourable for your first choice - you can accessorise with the same hat, shoes and bag.

- If you have a statement hat, keep your outfit simple, and if your outfit is bold patterned and colourful, choose a colour and keep your hat simple!

- If you have to use fake tan, take special care around feet and hands, definitely no streaks.

- One glass of champagne, one glass of water: you’ve made all that effort to have a fabulous day out so you’ll want to remember it in the morning... and make sure you have breakfast.

- Final tip to get noticed and stand out in the crowd as a fashionista – wear a Laylaleigh hat!