Getting hitched? You’re kidding!

Claire Evans arriving at her wedding with her two attendants.
Claire Evans arriving at her wedding with her two attendants.

You know this isn’t a run-of-the-mill wedding when the maid of honour and ring bearer start to eat a hedge in someone’s front garden just moments before the ceremony.

But then again, that is to be expected when you choose to give those honorary positions to a couple of goats.

Fuschia and Geoff were groomed and dressed for Claire Evans and Martin Hyde’s wedding at the Barn in the Anchor Inn pub, Sidlesham, on May 4.

“I am animal barmy,” said Claire. “I work with Geoff and Fuschia at the Cat and Rabbit Rescue Centre – Geoff is a new addition to the centre.

“The Anchor Inn was the perfect place for the wedding.”

Martin said: “I have always said this day belongs to the bride and I totally approve of this animals idea, because Claire works at the rescue centre. I didn’t expect the ring bearer to be a goat though.”

Claire and Martin, from North Bersted, have been together for five years and have known each other since they were 17 years old. The couple set off for their honeymoon in Mexico this week.

During their unique wedding ceremony, Geoff carried the ring in a pouch and, after walking down the aisle with Fuschia, the goats were then taken back to their home at the Cat and Rabbit Rescue Centre.

Claire is the staff liaison officer at the centre, which is situated just down the road from the Anchor Inn.

It was the first time the pub had held a wedding ceremony.

Owner Kim Carver said: “This is the first wedding ceremony we have had. We have always done wedding receptions but because the registry office in Chichester closed, we thought this could be another service we could offer.

“I think it’s great. You never know, it might start something of a tradition. We always said we would do weddings that are tailor-made to suit people.”