Gold Roman ring discovered near Chichester

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It is not every day you can say you discovered hidden treasure.

A gold Roman finger ring dating back to the third century AD has been unearthed in farmland near Chichester.

Peter Page, from Liss, Hampshire made the exciting discovery on November 27.

An inquest held at Chichester Magistrates Court heard that Mr Page, who had sought permission from the land owner, made the discovery at around 2pm, using a metal detector on the farmland.

The item of precious jewellery was buried beneath 4-5 inches of soil and is just over 19mm in length. The distorted Roman polygonal gold finger ring is formed of a circular hoop with nine irregular lozenges.

Assistant coroner Michael Kendall recorded a verdict that the discovery does qualify as treasure, due to the age of the item and the fact the Roman ring is made substantially of gold.

A spokesperson for Chichester District Council says: “The Novium has expressed an interest in this ring as a possible future acquisition.”