Grateful for help of three strangers

THREE good Samaritans have been thanked for rushing to the aid of someone in Chichester.

Wendy Baker was walking along North Street on Friday around 4pm when she had a dizzy spell and fell to the ground after tripping over 
a kerb.

Three woman came to her aid and waited with her until she was taken to St Richard’s Hospital.

“I want to give all three ladies my absolute thanks. They were absolutely wonderful,” said Wendy on Tuesday.

One of the women, who Wendy said was called Georgina, dialled 999 and left her number so Wendy’s husband could ring her and check she was alright.

When Wendy tripped, she fell into another woman, who turned out to be a nurse at St Richard’s Hospital.

These two and a third woman all stayed with Wendy until she was taken to hospital and she said she was very grateful to them all.

She also thanked St Richard’s Hospital and particularly the Birdham Ward for the kindness of their nursing staff.

She returned home on Monday evening.