Happy ending for Dora

Dora with loving new owners Mr and Mrs Tucker
Dora with loving new owners Mr and Mrs Tucker

A LOVING new home has been found for a dog signed over to the Chichester district dog wardens.

Dora the Staffordshire bull terrier captured the hearts of Observer readers and staff alike when featured on our website and Animal Magic page at the end of last year.

Mr and Mrs Tucker spotted the video of Dora, see link below, and were soon opening their home to the ‘happy, friendly, little dog’.

“They are such lovely people,” said Chichester District Council dog warden Viviane Magrath.

“Dora is absolutely at home with them.”

Dora’s story also ended up helping another dog in need of a home.

A second family who got in touch with Viviane after seeing Dora on the website ended up rehoming a jack russell at the beginning of this week.

VIDEO: Dora needs a new home