Harbour still a wonderful place

RESIDENTS have been given a glimpse of planned changes to Pagham Harbour Local Nature Reserve’s boundaries.

West Sussex County Council and the RSPB hosted an open day to show residents the planned new boundaries of the reserve on Tuesday, February 23.

Adrian Thomas, RSPB project manager, was on hand to explain the changes.

“Pagham Harbour is an interesting place in that it has multiple owners and over time, some of the agreements run out, some of the owners change, some decide they don’t want to be in and others decide they do want to be in,” he said.

There are about 16 landowners within the reserve, whereas ordinarily a reserve would just have 
one owner.

The land designated as part of the reserve can receive funding from bodies such as English Heritage.

Reserve land also has work done within it to protect wildlife and habitats.

They will also have byelaws put on them to help with this.

Mr Thomas said: “This process is about just making sure the boundary is up to date and we know where those boundaries are and where those 
byelaws are applied or not applied.

“But overall it doesn’t make for a great change. It’s still the Pagham Harbour as everybody knows it – a wonderful place.

“That local reserve designation means people can be proud of what they’ve got on their doorstep.”

The boundary changes will mean removing and adding small parcels of land around the edges of the reserve.

Overall, the size of the reserve will be slightly increased.

West Sussex County Council will make the re-designation proposal but it will be up to Natural England to implement the changes.

It is hoped the new boundary will be in place in the spring of this year.

For more information visit www.rspb.org.uk