Chichester slimmers can’t weight to renew vows

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A couple who decided to lose weight before renewing their wedding vows are on target for their big day.

Rob and Angie Matthews attend the Slimming World group which meets at St Pancras Parish Hall.

Rob, 41, joined the group just before Christmas after Angie, who has been attending the group since last August, suggested it.

“We wanted to renew our wedding vows but I didn’t want to look fat in the pictures,” said Rob. “It’s changed my life completely. I’m type one diabetic and since I’ve started slimming I haven’t had to inject. I’ve just tried to control my diet and my health has really improved. I feel a lot fitter and more active.

“I’ve always been big built since I was young got felt unfit walking and getting out of breath and I thought I’ve got to do something, I’ve got to sort this out.”

Since joining, the couple have lost six stone between them and last year and were named Slimming World’s Couple of the Year for 2011.

Angie, 40, weighed 11st 13lb when she joined and is now down to 8st 7lb, and a size eight to ten compared to size 14 when she first joined, while Rob, 41, is now 14st 10lb after joining at 17st 11lb. He now proudly boasts a 34-inch waist instead of 44.

The couple decided to renew their vows before Prince William and Kate Middleton announced their wedding day and are now looking forward to saying ‘I do’ all over again.

“We felt it was time to renew our vows and we’ve been through quite a bit together,” said Rob. “We want to do it on 11-11-11 but we’re not sure if we can get that or not.”

The couple really enjoy the group they are with and said rather than dieting, it focused on healthy eating. They say the moral support from the group is very important and that their friends and family were shocked at the amount of weight they had lost.

And even though Rob started his weight-loss campaign just before Christmas, he said it had not been difficult. “I found it really easy and I was quite surprised and lost ten pounds in the first week,” he said. “I was determined to lose it.”

Slimming World consultant Debbie Henaux, who runs three groups in Chichester, said: “Having a special occasion that you want to lose weight for is a great motivator. Rob and Angie are truly inspirational members in group, always sharing ideas.

“I was delighted when they won the Couple of the Year. Seeing people lose weight and achieve their goals is the best part of my job as a Slimming World consultant.”

The group meets at 5.15pm and 7pm on each Monday at St Pancras Parish Hall. For details call 01243 602845.