Glowing report for St Richard’s Hospital

C111794-2 Chi Nov17 St Richards  phot kate''Marianne Griffiths, the chief executive of St Richards.C111794-2
C111794-2 Chi Nov17 St Richards phot kate''Marianne Griffiths, the chief executive of St Richards.C111794-2

St Richard’s Hospital has received a glowing report in its latest inspection by the Care Quality Commission.

Inspectors visited the hospital on October 4 and observed how people were being cared for, spoke to those using the hospital, chatted to staff and also checked written records.

Chief executive of the Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust (WSHT) Marianne Griffiths, said: “This is some really good news and it is important in terms of people having confidence in their hospital. In the CQC report there was not even a minor concern. The CQC inspectors team was also being observed by their auditors as well so they were even more strict about doing the inspection, and that’s really, really important actually.”

Inspectors examined nine standards of care throughout the hospital and found the hospital was meeting standards in a wide range of areas such as treating patients with respect, and patients receiving safe and appropriate care. It judged the hospital to be compliant on each standard.

“Throughout the hospital people told us they were pleased with the quality of care they received at St Richard’s,” said the report.

“They said staff were kind and helpful and they thought there were enough staff on duty to meet people’s needs. People said they were always treated with dignity and respect by the staff.”

Inspectors found patients thought St Richard’s was a ‘lovely hospital’ with good facilities. Paediatric unit patients told them how nice the refurbished unit was and the maternity unit was highly praised, with women confident about quality of care they received, and new parents well-supported. Patients also told inspectors the hospital was very clean.

In the report one patient commented that St Richard’s was the best hospital they had ever been to and that the midwife team and staff had been fantastic.

“St Richard’s is an hour’s drive – I would have easily gone 100 miles for this service and care,” one patient told inspectors.

Patients on the stroke unit said they had received very good care involved in discussions and decision-making. Staff were seen to be polite and discreet when attending to patients’ needs.

Mrs Griffiths said: “There are some real achievements for the trust and St Richard’s, but we are never complacent.

“We carry out 37,000 operations and have half a million outpatients. Things will occasionally go wrong, but we have reduced the probability of that happening. It’s an absolutely glowing report, but there is always more to do.”