St Richard’s commended by Care Quality Commission

Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust’s Director of Nursing has commended staff across the Trust.

The excellent standards of care staff provide to patients has been recognised and discussed by the Board at a recent meeting.

Speaking at the Trust’s Board meeting on Thursday, June 28, Cathy Stone confirmed its hospitals had received six unannounced inspections from the Care Quality Commission.

The inspections included visits to St Richard’s Hospital, in October last year and in March this year.

On both occasions inspectors from the Care Quality Commission confirmed all standards of care being scrutinised were met.

“The inspectors have observed high quality, safe and compassionate care across our hospital, something I also see each day on our wards,” said Cathy Stone.

Cathy added: “We know our staff do a wonderful job and these inspections are further evidence of the high standards of care they provide.”

The Trust’s Board met on the day the Care Quality Commission produced its first full report of standards across health and social care, based on visits to over 14,000 locations across the country between June 2011 and March 2012.

Following the St Richard’s visit in October last year, inspectors quoted patients describing the hospital as “the best I have ever been in.”

Patients also described the hospital as having “better service than a private hospital.”

Trust Deputy Chief Executive, Spencer Prosser added: “I hope these inspections show that people can have confidence in the standards of care that our staff provide.

“When you run a Trust employing 6,500 people and treating hundreds of thousands of patients a year, you can never be complacent.

“These inspections are yet more evidence that all our staff do an absolutely terrific job for our patients.”