Sussex parents urged to talk about binge drinking

PARENTS are being urged to talk to their children about the risks of celebrating exam results by binge-drinking.

NHS Sussex is calling for parents to be aware of what their children are doing to celebrate and warn them of the dangers of underage drinking, too much alcohol, and the danger of combining drink with drugs.

Sue Carmichael, on behalf of NHS Sussex, said: “Lots of young people will want to mark the end of their exams with a celebration and we hope they do, but what we want to avoid is young people putting themselves at risk of harm because of how they celebrate. Parents have a huge influence on their children’s attitude to alcohol. Although it may not seem like it sometimes, research has shown teenagers would rather get advice on drinking from their mum and dad than anyone else.”

In West Sussex, the number of 14-15 year olds who say they binge drink has fallen during the past three years. However, at least 10 per cent of year-10 pupils are drinking alcohol regularly.