Trust vows to do better for patients

‘WE are not resting on our laurels’ is the message from Cathy Stone, director of nursing and patient safety at Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust.

In light of the public inquiry into standards of nursing at Mid-Staffordshire Hospitals, NHS Trusts around the country are analysing their own quality of care.

At a Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust board meeting last Thursday, members heard how findings from the Francis report will impact standards at St Richard’s, Worthing and Southlands Hospitals.

Speaking at the meeting, Marianne Griffiths, chief executive said: “It is what we do in the hospital wards that will make the biggest difference. My personal view is that, at our hospitals we give good care.

“But do we deliver it consistently? I think not always. Our aim is not to berate staff but build up the good work and help them to get that consistency up.

“One of the biggest finds is that no one did anything about the neglect. People have to stand up and hold the baton until someone takes it. Staff have to take personal accountability.”

Mike Viggers, chairman, said: “We all see humbling acts of kindness throughout our wards everyday. But maintaining that is our challenge.”