Help Heidi’s baby dream come true

A NEWLY married couple aren’t asking for anything extraordinary – just a family of their own.

Heidi Richardson, a dental nurse who grew up in Chichester, was diagnosed with Turner syndrome at birth. It is a disease which caused her to go through the menopause at 15 years old and means she can’t have children of her own.

“It is rare and when I was born I was labelled the Peter Pan baby by newspapers because I would always be so tiny,” said Heidi.

“Turner syndrome also causes stunted growth. I am 4ft 7in and my new husband is 6ft 1in, we are very much little and large.

“My mother was also advised I would have learning difficulties, but I completed my education at Chichester High School for Girls and Chichester College.”

Heidi said the most upsetting effect of Turner’s syndrome is that she went into puberty at 13 and straight into the menopause.

“Of course, this was devastating and means I have no eggs of my own and will need IVF. I must take oestrogen replacement until my 50s to stop me developing brittle bones. I have poor and deteriorating eyesight, but apart from this I am healthy and happy and consider myself lucky.”

However, the NHS has refused to fund Heidi’s IVF treatment as she needs to have a donor egg.

“I need to raise £8,000 to proceed with one cycle of private treatment,” said Heidi.

“Statistics show that the younger you are, the more likely IVF treatment is to be successful.”

But rather than complaining about the unfairness of the situation, Heidi and her husband Craig are fundraising to help them on the road to treatment, as time is running out.

With the help of Heidi’s parents, Bev and Graham, the pair are holding a vintage dance event at Hunston Village on Saturday, November 30.

Dancers will be able to road test their jive, lindy hop, swing and ballroom dancing to a live band. There will also be a raffle and bar.

For tickets call 01243 785221.