Help pay vet bills for poorly poodle Dave

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Animal lovers are being asked for help after a dog which was found dumped in the street, has taken a turn for the worse.

Dave, one of the nine poodle-cross breed dogs which were found dumped in Winchester on January 22, was taken to the Mount Noddy RSPCA centre last Tuesday where he was cared for and fostered to a nearby family.

But he has since had to visit the vet after he became very dehydrated.

Emily Bowen, the centre’s support specialist, said when Dave came to the centre he was very nervous, suffering from sore eyes and his toes were mis-shapen.

“He was petrified and had clearly never been outdoors or lived in a home environment,” she said.

“He is also very scared of men. It took a number of days to be able to stroke him and build up his confidence.”

Emily said when he was very happy when he was first fostered on Thursday but he went very quiet on Friday.

“On Saturday, his foster carers took him to Cedar Vets in Alresford. The vet was concerned as he had a very high temperature and he was dehydrated. He was also struggling to stand on his back legs.”

The vet was concerned he may have a brain infection and immediately put him on an IV drip and antibiotics. He was kept in the vets until Tuesday as his condition was not improving.

“I visited him on Sunday and he was very depressed and low. His temperature improved yesterday and he was beginning to eat a little bit of cat food so the vet felt it was better that he went home.

“He was discharged with lots of antibiotics and is making a slow recovery.”

Anyone wishing to donate is asked to send a cheque made payable to RSPCA Mount Noddy, Blackmill Lane, Eartham, Chichester, PO18 0ll