Help with smarter travel in Chichester

PEOPLE in the Chichester area are being invited to take part in a travel project believed to be the first of its kind in West Sussex.

A district council spokesman said the ‘smarter travel choices’ project was aimed at helping to choose cheaper, greener and healthier travel options.

The north Donnington area of Stockbridge had been chosen as the pilot area. Around 800 homes had been asked to complete a survey for the council asking them how they travelled into the city centre for work, school, shopping and leisure. The results would show how many sustainable journeys were currently made and gather ideas on how to help people choose greener and healthier ways to travel.

Cllr John Connor, the council cabinet member for environment, said the scheme was about encouraging people to use more sustainable modes of transport whenever possible within their daily lifestyle.

“If it proves a success, we’d like to extend it to other areas of the district to help people to consider all of the options open to them,” he added.

The Stockbridge area was selected as the pilot area because of its closeness to the city centre and because it was part of the air quality management area.

In a survey in 2008, residents from the area also said two of their biggest concerns were traffic congestion and pollution.

Events and activities would be held in the summer to encourage residents to take more sustainable journeys.