High winds could cause disruption in Sussex

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MORE bad weather is on the way for Sussex, with the Met Office predicting further high winds and rain until Saturday (February 15).

The Met Office released an amber warning for wind this morning (February 12), which means the public should be prepared for strong winds.

“A first peak in the winds is likely over southern and southwest England around the middle of Wednesday but with the main swathe of even stronger and potentially damaging winds crossing parts of Wales then northern England later in the day,” said a Met Office spokesman.

“The public should be prepared for the risk of disruption to transport and possibly also power supplies. In addition, large waves are likely to affect some coasts.”

There is also a warning for rain today, with further rain and high winds over the next few days.

The public is advised to take extra care, and further information an be found at www.metoffice.gov.uk