Homes free-for-all dubbed ‘madness’

THE ‘MADNESS’ of allowing developers a ‘free-for-all’ in the Chichester district was highlighted to planners last Friday.

A conference of numerous parishes held at Tangmere village hall, attended by Arun and South Downs MP Nick Herbert and Chichester District Council’s director of home and community, Amanda Jobling, discussed the future of housing in the area.

Mr Herbert questioned the need for such a high number of houses, and said afterwards: “All the parishes understand the need for new houses, but it needs to be at a sustainable level.

“The original housing target was too high.

“We should arrive at a sensible housing number with no impact on the environment and ensure adequate local infrastructure to support it.”

Numerous people called for more leadership and public consultation from Chichester District Council, and the representatives said the sheer volume of applications was overwhelming.

“We’re being oppressed by these developments coming forward,” said Ben Cooper, chairman of planning at Selsey Town Council.

He added: “When these plans come forward they are not considered in splendid isolation.”

Many agreed with this viewpoint, and said it was unacceptable no consideration of other applications was made when considering each application.

“It’s irresponsible to take 
each application on its own merits,” said Jim Oliver, chairman of Donnington Parish Council.

“To take them one at a time is madness. It’s a free-for-all for developers.

“We know planners have targets but it can’t be right that the face of the Manhood Peninsula should be changed irreparably and permanently to satisfy these arbitrary targets.”