‘Horrific’ moment a stray dog mauled deer to death


“I will never forget the horrific events of last Thursday,” were the words of a North Mundham resident who witnessed a deer fatally savaged by a dog.

Nita Fisher set off with her two dogs - a lurcher and a greyhound - for their morning walk on November 30.

They reached the field behind North Mundham church and Nita’s neighbour Mary ran towards her in a distressed state, saying she had seen a dog mauling a deer and the it was screaming in agony.

Nita said: “I walked into the field and saw the dog attacking the deer, I thought I was too late but then the deer lifted it’s head and screamed.

“I kept shouting and walked towards it not knowing if it would stop, attack me instead, or turn tail.

“As I got closer it stopped and backed away. I gestured with my hands for it to go and shouted.

“To my relief it took off. I reached the deer and my heart sank; the poor thing was covered in blood and had been severely injured at its rear end.”

Nita called Chichester District Council dog wardens to inform of the dangerous stray dog.

Eventually the RSPCA inspector arrived and put the deer to sleep as it was too badly injured to save.

The dog was a tan coloured lurcher breed which looked well groomed and fed so Nita didn’t think it was a stray.

Nita said: “I’ve never witnessed anything like that before, the dog attack, and then the deer being euthanised, I hope I never will again.

“My neighbour is in her 80s and the events of that morning upset her, all of us, immensely.

“I would just like to say to the owner of the dog – you know who you are. Your dog would have come home covered in blood, please don’t let this happen again.”