Housing benefit help for district residents

HOUSING benefit claimants who are still finding it difficult to pay their rent may be able to access help from a scheme run by Chichester District Council.

The discretionary housing payment scheme can provide additional financial support to help people to pay their rent until they can find a more affordable option.

“With recent national changes to the way housing benefits are calculated and delivered, we know how tough it can be for some families to afford to cover their rent,” said councillor Tony Dignum, cabinet member for finance at Chichester District Council.

“This pot of money is intended to help those most at risk. It is not a long-term solution, but one that can help people to continue to pay their bills until they can find alternative, more affordable accommodation.”

A discretionary housing payment can be used to pay for rent deposits, rent in advance, rent arrears, a shortfall between housing benefit and rent, and a reduction in housing benefit after changes to reduce under-occupation.