Hunston homes amendments approved despite strong objections


Hunston homes plans were approved on Wednesday despite residents voicing their fury.

The application looked to make minor amendments to the previously approved proposal for homes in Brook Lea, Selsey Road.

However, residents strongly objected to the plans claiming that the amendments were not ‘minor’ and that the visual documents were not accurate.

Resident Miss Foster said: “There have been a considerable amount of objections that we don’t think have been taken into consideration.

“Why was it allowed for trees to be cut down before any ecological report was carried out?

“Here we are at the final stages discussing minor changes – except they are not minor.

“The height of all the buildings are increased, therefore each building has an overwhelming impact on our gardens.”

Objector and resident Mr Marshall said: “These houses are overcrowding the local area.

“Many objections have been ignored. The projected extra ten vehicles edging out onto an already dangerous road is ridiculous.

“Families should not be forced to sell their homes because of Chichester District Council’s mistakes.”

Whilst the committee were discussing the plans, Mr Marshall called out from the public gallery: “I’m sorry but they are showing you plans that are not actually the plans. You are being hoodwinked.”

Nevertheless, councillors agreed that they ‘could not find grounds to refuse the application’ and the plan was approved by the committee.