Hunston residents take steps to stop speeding through their village

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BELEAGUERED pedestrians are getting ready to stop drivers speeding through their village.

Hunston residents are looking at ways of forcing drivers to slow down when coming through the heart of their village on the B2145.

“I’m sure you’re aware of the problems we have out there,” parish councillor Stuart Solliss told residents at last Wednesday’s annual parish meeting.

“In a nutshell, 17,000 vehicles a day go from the A27 to Selsey and they don’t hang around.”

Cllr Solliss said afterwards data showed 17,000 vehicles travelling on the B2145 on busy days, with seven-day average flows closer to 14,000.

“The road as it is at the moment has been engineered after a fashion to get vehicles through the village as quickly as possible.”

Cllr Solliss showed residents a number of options to amend the road to slow down drivers, with a strong mood in the room that something had to be done.

Hopes are high a community contribution from development at Park Farm, in Selsey, could go a long way towards paying for various amendments to the road.

The Park Farm plan includes 159 homes, an Asda, a hotel and two restaurants – all of which are expected to up the traffic volume through Hunston and Sidlesham.

Council chairman Liz Kenny described Hunston as an ‘overgrown car park on the fast road to Selsey at the moment’ after residents also raised concerns at the number of parked cars blocking roads in 
the village.

Options mentioned at the meeting for slowing traffic included removing the central white line in the road, which Cllr Solliss said had been shown to slow drivers down as they became more uncertain about the road, as well as widening pavements and speed tables.

Cllr Solliss asked the assembled residents: “Have you tried driving through the village at 25-30mph?

“You’ve got somebody up your back, it’s intimidating.”

The speed limit all the way through Hunston is 30mph.

“It’s a 30mph limit but the road design is more suitable for a 50mph limit – it’s too wide,” he said.

Police have previously mounted speed checks in the village in a bid to catch drivers speeding through, with it known in the area as a zone where vehicles are frequently going over 30mph.

Hunston Parish Council has objected to the scheme at Park Farm, along with Sidlesham, despite Selsey Town Council supporting the scheme. Hunston said there were currently ongoing discussions between all three councils and the developers on creating a cycle route from Selsey to Hunston, via Sidlesham.