Husband thanks Chichester hospital staff for wife’s care

A LOVING husband thanked hospital staff and those who helped when his wife passed away on Wednesday (November 6).

Rosemary Coles, of Hunston, died in St Richard’s Hospital, in Chichester, after an aneurism.

Her husband of eight years David Cole paid tribute to her and thanked hospital staff who cared for her.

“I just want to say how much I loved my wife,” said Mr Coles.

On Tuesday, the couple were in Macari’s coffee shop in Chichester when Mrs Cole fell ill.

An ambulance was called and staff from Macari’s and HM Samuel assisted Mr and Mrs Coles.

“I want to thank the staff at Macari’s and the lady from HM Samuel who helped us,” said Mr Coles.

His wife was then rushed to St Richard’s where she was taken to the intensive care unit until she passed away the next day.

“I want to thank staff in the Itchenor ward,” said Mr Cole.

“The staff were so lovely – the consultants and doctors – I would like to thank them.”