Individuals to register for 2015 elections

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THE way people register to vote is set to change this year – costing more than £80,000.

The changes, brought in by the government, mean individuals will have to register themselves – rather than one from each household completing the process on their behalf.

Chichester District Council is set to receive funding from the government to cover the cost and carry £23,000 forward from last year’s budget to help pay for 
the process.

Speaking at a Chichester District Council cabinet meeting on Tuesday, Cllr Tony Dignum said: “This department is facing an enormous increase in its workload.

“The district, parish and general elections are all on the same day.”

Cllr Dignum said the changes were coming in to reduce fraud.

“Individuals have to register rather than it going to the head of the household.

“They are using the national insurance number as the basis 
of this.”

The process will start in June and should be finished by December.

Chichester District Council has taken on a new full-time member of staff to manage the workload. The costs of printing, posting and canvassing are set to cost more than £45,000.

Cllr Josef Ransley said the changes demonstrated the ‘hidden cost of the government’.

“The cost of democracy is increasing,” he said.

“The government has put this extra cost on us.”