Is there a ‘fight’ for St Richard’s Hospital services?

St Richard's Hospital
St Richard's Hospital

CONCERN has been raised that a fight could be on to keep important services at St Richard’s Hospital.

Former mayor and district councillor Alan Chaplin was responding to findings of poor response rates to treating stroke victims, as reported in the Observer on March 20.

“Some years ago there was a serious issue about whether certain issues at St Richard’s would be downgraded and moved to Worthing,” he said. “We won that fight, but I’m wondering whether it’s re-emerging.”

He was speaking at Tuesday’s meeting of Chichester District Council’s overview and scrutiny committee, where councillor Pam Dignum reported the findings.

The committee decided to contact West Sussex County Council’s adult health and social care committee to register its concerns.

“I know we can’t change the system, but on the other hand a lot of people in the district are under their auspices,” said chairman Clare Apel.

The committee also praised the ‘fantastic’ work done on the whole by the hospital.