John Hughes elected mayor of Chichester on anniversary

Chichester mayor John Hughes'''Picture by Louise Adams C140020-1 Chi John Hughes
Chichester mayor John Hughes'''Picture by Louise Adams C140020-1 Chi John Hughes

IT WAS a wedding anniversary to remember for the new mayor and mayoress of Chichester.

Last Thursday, city councillor John Hughes was formally elected the new mayor of Chichester, following the decision by former mayor Alan Chaplin to step down just before Christmas for health reasons.

The new mayor and his wife Cherry were appointed to their new positions on their 43rd wedding anniversary.

The new mayor will now hold the position until the council’s annual meeting on May 14, 2014.

Cllr Chaplin announced his resignation in December.

He had been mayor since May 2013, and used his time in office to support the Chichester branch of Home-Start, a leading family-support charity, as well as the Alzheimer’s Society.

Cllr Hughes said: “I will be supporting Cllr Chaplin’s Home Start for the rest of the year and I hope to do as well as he did with it in fundraising.

“Thank you very much for electing me.”

The council recorded a formal vote of thanks for all the work done by Cllr Chaplin since May.

Councillor and former mayor Tony French said he had known Cllr Chaplin for more than 50 years.

“He has always been a caring, concerned, serious-minded man with a strong sense of right and wrong,” he said.

“I am sure that, like others, it was with great sadness I heard that for personal reasons he had decided to stand down as mayor just before Christmas.

“I know he was showing signs of stress, but had not realised the pain he was under in carrying out the heavy schedule demanded by the office of mayor of Chichester.”

Cllr French said he looked forward to Cllr Chaplin recovering from his bad back and returning to continue his ‘sterling’ work with the Whyke Estate Community Association.

Councillor David Siggs was appointed the new deputy mayor and councillor Denise Holman was appointed the new bailiff – both until May 14.