Jonathan Ross niece from Petworth in Nepal rescue effort

The Ross girls of Petworth, Violet, 22, Hermione, 19, Dolly, 24 and Bebe, 20
The Ross girls of Petworth, Violet, 22, Hermione, 19, Dolly, 24 and Bebe, 20

A YOUNG woman from Petworth, who is the niece of Jonathan Ross, is on a mission to help those affected by the earthquake which devastated Nepal.

Dolly Ross, 24, was travelling the country when the recent earthquake hit.

Now safely in Rampur, Nepal, Dolly has launched herself into the relief effort by helping at a local school.

Dolly, whose father is television and radio presenter, Paul Ross, brother of Jonathan Ross, has enlisted the efforts of her family back home to raise as much money as possible to help the Nepalese people.

Her mother Kerry Robertson, who lives in North Street, was due to fly out to Kathmandu along with her other daughters Violet, 22, Hermione, 19, and Bebe, 20.

However, they have had to cancel the trip.

“We’ll reschedule for next year and concentrate on raising money,” said Kerry.

Kerry said it was a tense weekend for the family, waiting to hear if Dolly had been affected by the earthquake.

“Dolly has been in Nepal for a few weeks so Saturday was challenging.

“I had a couple of messages before the earthquake but she didn’t tell me where she was.

“On Sunday it was confirmed she was okay – she was on the Tibetan border.

“This Friday, my daughters and I were all travelling to meet up in Kathmandu.

“Bebe from Shanghai where she’s studying, Hermione from India where she is on a gap year, and Violet from Leeds.

“Dolly is still there volunteering.

“Our local programmes co-ordinator, Surya Bahadur Pariyar, is organising villagers and co-ordinating all contributions we receive to help the village of Kartike-Halete, about 33km east of Kathmandu.

“All funds received from donations and other relief efforts for the victims will involve cooking materials, supplying water, providing temporary shelters (tents and blankets), bringing medicine and caring for those injured people.”

Kerry is encouraging friends and family to donate to rescue efforts and is asking people to contact her if they wish to help, on