Just desserts for cyclists riding to Chichester’s twin city

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TWO cyclists enjoyed a delicious meal in return for riding to France.

Sarah Lambert and Tom Jameson won the meals at Chichester restaurants after completing a challenge organised by the group ChiCycle.

Cyclists were asked to ride a virtual race of 240 miles to Chichester’s twin city of Chartres in France, with the aim being to get people to use their cars less and get people cycling more in their day-to-day lives.

Sarah and Tom’s names were pulled out of a beret on September 22 to tie in with the national event called In Town Without My Car Day.

Sarah enjoyed a meal at Cafe Rouge in South Street while Tom and his wife enjoyed a meal at Maison Blanc, also in South Street.

Tom set himself the task of cycling 2,000 miles to raise money for an orphanage in Tanzania. Most of these miles have been covered by commuting to work.