Kate Winslet’s battle to build sea wall at Witterings home

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Kate Winslet’s plan to build a sea wall has been refuted by environment agencies.

OSCAR-WINNING actress Kate Winslet is facing a battle over plans to build a sea wall to protect her home at the Witterings.

Natural England and the Chichester Harbour Conservancy have advised that Chichester District Council refuse a planning application for a 170m (557ft-long sea wall above the mean high tide line..

The application was made by Miss Winslet, whose neighbours include Rolling Stone Keith Richards.

Chichester Harbour Conservancy has told the council its policy states it will require larger-scale schemes to fully address landscape and nature conservation impacts and provide appropriate compensation habitat.

It said it remained ‘unconvinced of the need for this sea defence and that its impacts on the landscape and nature conservation interested of the AONB would be acceptable’.

“The application does not appear to have considered alternative options such as setting the footpath further back thereby avoiding the need for a hard defence on this stretch of currently undefended, natural shoreline.

“There is also a lack of information or consideration of the likely impacts on the natural beauty of the AONB, where a hard engineered defence such as this will clearly have a significant visual impact.”

Natural England objected and said the proposal will result in a loss of the Special Areas of Conservation, Special Protection Area and Ramsar Habitat.

The planning document states: “The proposed privately funded sea defences will ensure that the existing vegetation and public footpath will be protected into the future.

“Furthermore it should be considered that the footpath is liable to become dangerous in areas without protection from further erosion of the existing banks.”

The agent has said everything possible would be done to avoid disturbing rare seabirds.

More time has been set aside for the application to be explored further. No date has been set for a decision.

Miss Winslet previously owned a £2 million home in Treyford, near Harting but sold it in 2014 following another planning spat with locals after she proposed to install gates at the entrance.