Keep pets safe from the cold


As temperatures continue to drop, Pets at Home is urging all pet owners to think about the welfare of their furry friends.

The Chichester store is also advising owners not let their cat out if the weather gets bitterly cold or windy.

Moggies left outdoors in freezing cold often crawl into car engines to get warm so it’s important driver’s check under the bonnet of their vehicle before starting the engine.

Nigel Mason, store manager at the store, said: “As temperatures continue to freeze, it is important to make sure your pet doesn’t wander around in the evenings. This is when pets, particularly cats, are more likely to get involved in a road accident due to bad visibility.

“If your pet is generally spending time outside, another important thing to consider is treating them to an outdoor shelter. The house should have cosy bedding which needs to be kept dry and warm in case your pet decides to take cover and a water supply, but make sure you check this regularly when the temperature drops below zero.

“Attention should also be paid to small furries such as guineas pigs and rabbits in outdoor hutches in case the weather takes a turn for the worst. Bringing them indoors or putting them in a shed, as well as investing in a hutch coverage will help to keep them warm.

“Formal identification – a personal identification tag and a microchip – will ensure furry friends are easily found should they go walkabout, and taking out pet insurance is important.”