Kitesurfers can stay on Bracklesham beach

Kitesurfing and other activities will be able to continue at Bracklesham beach after Chichester District Council reviewed how it manages its foreshores.

The council’s cabinet has agreed its approach to manage the foreshores, which included looking at the variety of activities that take place on the beach in Bracklesham.

Residents had previously complained about the danger of having a voluntary kitesurfing zone, which was put in place by their homes on the beach.


“We have had to review how we manage our foreshore and the voluntary kitesurfing zone that has been used,” said Cllr John Connor, cabinet member for the environment at Chichester District Council.

“There are a variety of activities that take place on this section of beach, ranging from bathing, fossil hunting, horse riding, board and sail activities, and motorised sport.

“This could potentially cause conflict between users.

“As a council we currently do not have the power to restrict or ban different activities on the foreshore.

“Indeed, we don’t want to stop anyone from using the beach, so we have looked at different options on how this area can be managed.

“Following a legal challenge we have reverted to the way we managed the foreshore before any zoning was introduced.

“We have agreed to manage the beach using existing byelaws, revise our signage around the area and introduce new codes of conducts for different users.

“This covers kitesurfing, horse riding, fossil hunting, and other activities we consider appropriate.”


The existing byelaws allow the council to take action against individuals who are causing danger or nuisance to other beach users.

Signage will advise beach users of the activities that may take place on the beach and staff may advise people on areas of the beach that they should use based on what is happening that day.

This could include directing people to areas zoned for that day for a particular use if that is the best way of helping to reduce dangerous behaviour.

If users do not abide by the code of conduct and advice given, they could be deemed to be acting dangerously and be at risk of prosecution under the byelaws.

A report will be given to the council’s cabinet at the end of the season on the results of the new ways of managing the foreshore.

For more information, contact Sarah Peyman on 01243 534791 or email